HPB Signals

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For traders who use Interactive Brokers TWS or IB Gateway platform and need to automatically enter IB trades as C2 signals into Collective2 platform. HighPowerBear is InteractiveBrokers Technology Partner (listed under The Marketplace@IB Software Tools Order Management Software).
Online Manual


  • You need to have a trading system hosted on the Collective2 site
  • You need to have an Interactive Brokers trading account with TWS or IB Gateway running
  • Make sure that IB is configured to accept socket connections: EditGlobal ConfigurationAPISettingsEnable ActiveX and Socket Clients
  • Make sure that IB setting EditGlobal ConfigurationAPISettingsDownload open orders on connection is checked
  • Make sure that IB setting EditGlobal ConfigurationAPISettingsMaster API client ID is set to 0
  • HPBSignals connects to IB using client id = 0, so no other IB API application can use that client id at the same time
  • It is recommended to install the latest TWS or IB Gateway
  • Any operating system with Java 7.x+ installed is supported. You can download Java here


  • Instruments supported: stocks, options, futures, forex - US markets
  • Order types supported: market, limit, stop
  • Conditional orders: a child order is submitted only after a parent is executed
  • OCA orders: one cancels all orders are grouped together into an OCA group
  • Financial advisor IB account selection: process orders from the selected IB account or from all IB accounts
  • Order price update detection: detect an IB order price update and enable a matching C2 signal replacement
  • Instrument type based filtering: instrument type can be selected or unselected for processing
  • Order quantity scaling: a C2 signal (order) quantity can be scaled from 1% (1/100) up to 10000% (100x)
  • Reversal order management: reversal signals can be enabled or disabled
  • Automatic retransmission: adaptive algorithm for automatic retransmission of C2 signals (up to giveup time) in case of a failure condition
  • IB connection monitoring: automatic reconnection in case of a connection loss
  • C2 signal actions: dynamically determines the correct action based on a C2 position
  • Signal duration: DAY, GTC- good till cancelled
  • IB Order and C2 Signal status monitoring: submitted - working, filled, cancelled, expired
  • IB events and IB to C2 conversion events window: displaying IB order status transitions and IB to C2 conversion status transitions
  • Signal details window: status, date posted, date emailed, date expired, date killed, date traded, trade price, scaling pct
  • Login process: a list of available C2 systems is provided for the selection
  • Embedded SQL database: all IB orders and C2 signals that are processed by HPB Signals are permanently stored in a database
  • IB order tab: IB orders are displayed according to specified filter criteria
  • C2 signal tab: C2 signals are displayed according to specified filter criteria
  • Service status monitoring: IB connection and services status is visually displayed in the status bar
  • Third party IB clients supported: listens for orders from third party IB clients like Ninja Trader, Bracket Trader, etc.
  • Database backup and export: on demand database backup (binary backup) or database tables export (csv text export)
  • Export into CSV: C2 signals and IB orders can be exported into CSV file (Excel)