HPB Trader

Online Manual


  • Algorithmic auto trading platform: can be run on windows or GUI-less unix/linux based operating systems, local or cloud hosted - Amazon EC2
  • IB Gateway or IB TWS connection: automatic order placement, order events monitoring, market data collection and backfill, real time data
  • Instrument data series: stocks, options, futures, forex, interval selection - 5 min, 60 min
  • Algorithmic trading strategies: strategy logic definition, parameters, statistics and performance monitoring, backtesting, multiple strategies per series
  • Simulated or live trading: trading simulation or live trading by placing orders into Interactive Brokers account
  • Technical indicators calculation: indicators like moving averages, MACD, stochastics can be included in a strategy logic definition
  • Market data and indicators charting: on demand charting by specifying chart parameters for series, time range, indicators
  • Complete order and trade management: trade and orders entities with trade and orders events per each defined strategy
  • Strategy performance monitoring: strategy log, strategy PL chart, orders and events, trades, per trade log and events, per trade PL chart
  • Strategy backtesting: hypotethical performance results by applying the same algorithm as for a live trading
  • Application server: latest EE technologies like CDI, JPA, scheduling, thread management for high speed and robust performance
  • SQL database: all data is stored in a relational database, periodic database backup, transaction management
  • Web interface: state of the art HTML 5 realtime technologies for instant notifications and updates